ARCHCORE40 | Curriculum

ArchCore40 Summer Intensive Curriculum

  • Contemporary Master Classes: Take master classes with some of New York’s leading contemporary choreographers.
  • Dance for Film: A tutorial of do’s and don’ts when working on set for film and video work.  Watch yourself on film and work on specific ways to make your movement translate on camera.
  • Audition Preparation: The first impression that you make in an audition setting will be the one that prevails; learn the skills to make your first impression a positive one.  Receive advice on proper attire, improvising and free style advice, and learn how to get noticed from the first combination.  Ultimately, learn the difference between an audition for the Disney Channel and the Met Opera.
  • Coaching Sessions: ARCHCORE40 will provide private professional advice on refining and polishing the technical execution of your movement.
  • Repertory Classes: Spend each day in rehearsal with Jennifer Archibald working on Arch Dance Company Repertory that will be performed in an open showing at the end of the intensive. Work on memorization, execution of movement, and development of artistry in performance.

Professional Development

  • Photo-shoot: The way your resume and head-shot is presented is an indication of your professionalism.   Head shots and body shots are effective self-marketing tools, because it serves as a reminder for companies and agencies, associating your name with your face.  ARCHCORE40 will provide a current head-shot for your portfolio.
  • Mentoring: The faculty of ARCHCORE40 will ensure that all 40 dancers will experience an environment of great individual support.  Our mentoring sessions will help young dancers understand how their ambitions will fit into their appropriate career choices.
  • Portfolio Workshop: Building a strong portfolio, both in print and on-line, is essential to building a career as a performer.  This workshop will provide ideas for your on-line presence, as well as give you guidelines for creating a successful personae in the dance community.
  • Injury Prevention: Taught by a certified corrective exercise trainer, this workshop will provide tips on preventing dance injuries and identifying overuse and trauma.  You will become more knowledgeable on understanding the body’s patterns and muscular imbalances.