ARCHCORE40 | Testimonials

Archcore40 gives young artists the opportunity to learn about the business side of the dance world and the freedom to explore who they want to be in that world.

-Kelsey Grills | Hobe Sound FL

It’s a must do intensive! By far the best thing I’ve ever done with dance.

-Madeline Schaeffer| Western Springs IL

I grew so much and so fast. I learned more about myself and my craft. I feel prepared to start my career as a performer and be smart about it!

-Ariel Tharpe | Perry Hall MD

Investing in yourself has never been more worth it. An intensive with real life experiences like no other! If success in the dance world is what you WANT, you NEED ArchCore40! ArchCore40 gave me the necessary tools to be a fierce and successful competitor in the dance world!

-Brittany Grant | Baltimore MD

ArchCore40 has changed my vision and understanding of dance. Now I can see myself as a professional dancer and artist, with a lot to give by being true to myself. Inspiration, passion and love for dance is what ArchCore40 is.

-Priscilla Greco| New York NY

ArchCore40 is an eye-opening, refreshing, and motivating intensive! It is a true life changing experience that has inspired me to approach dance in a new, aggressive, and honest place! I feel so inspired!

-Martha Bryan| Dearborn Heights MI

ARCHCORE40 is an amazing intensive unlike any other program I have ever participated in. It pushes you and challenges you in many different ways and at the end of the week you come out of it having more confidence in yourself as a dancer and as a performer.

-Jerica Niehoff | Asotoria NY

There are times in life where you encounter a transformative experience; those times are rare and sometimes you don’t realize until later the extent of their impact. My latest encounter occurred two weeks, at a summer dance intensive called ArchCore40, 2013. It was school on how to get your life together if you really want to make commercial and/or concert dance your career. If only I could experience that week again…and again. It is no exaggeration to say you experienced EVERYTHING a working dancer experiences or you got to talk to people who are making waves in all areas of dance life- therapists, agents, choreographers, videographers and photographers. Being around that creative energy not only helped me go to a very vulnerable place in my own choreography, which I presented in the showcase, but also helped me realize that art reflects life, life reflects art and art is my life. (Read more on Candace’s Blog )

- Candace Tabbs | New York  NY

ARCHCORE40 is a powerhouse of choreographers, dancers, and industry representatives that work in unison to elevate the future generation of dance. I was honored to take part in this elevation and it will always be a memory that I cherish in my career!

- Zachary Richardson | Kenessaw, GA

ARCHCORE40 was one of the most amazing thought-provoking and strenuous experiences I’ve had as a dancer and it was amazing to see how much a dancer could grow in one short week.

- Basia Braboy | Chicago, IL

Archcore40 is one of the most diverse programs that I have every participated in. It challenges you in unexpected ways and pushes you to dig deeper and go further than you thought possible. The amount of new information that I acquired in just one week is truly remarkable. The faculty and other 39 dancers that I worked with were such wonderful individuals and inspired me to be my personal best. Archcore40 has enriched my dancing and the way I present myself in a classroom or audition. Most importantly this program gave me confidence in myself and in my dancing. I am truly thankful for my experience.

- Gia Mongell | New York NY

It was a very enlightening experience, I learned a lot about myself and the kind of dancer I want to become. I also made a lot of connections and loved the experience of living in a different city.

- Jonet Tirado-Carlson | Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for a summer intensive that gets you out of your comfort zone, fast forwards your transition into the professional dance world and just rocks your dance floor, ArchCore40 is for you! Get the chance to be one in 40 inspiring and eager dancers and spend a week with hand picked awesome teachers and one mind blowing choreographer and director of the program Jennifer Archibald. It has rocked my world as much as it will rock yours. Don’t wait, just apply now!

– Caroline Brethenoux | New York NY

Archcore40 is a program that opened my eyes towards the world of dance and opening the doors to where I think I may want to pursue my career in the dance world. By all the activities that were set up during the summer intensive I was able to get an idea of how the dance world really works from both the professional and performing aspect.

- Lital Gelman | Boca Raton FL

ArchCore40 was a privilege to be a part of. You’re walking into a summer intensive where you do not know everyone attending and you all feel like you’re competing against each other at first. However, when the days go by and the classes become intense everybody grows together through each class and vibes off of one another. By the end of the summer intensive you become a family and not really ready to leave because you feel as though you just got started. Not only did I grow as a dancer through the critique of all the teachers I grew with the help of my fellow ArchCore40 dancers. Jennifer Archibald pushes her students to get outside their comfort zone transforming dancers into much more than they thought they could be.  ArchCore 40 summer intensive is where you want to be if you want to evolve more as a dancer.

- Michaela Wilson | Northfield NJ

I enjoyed the variety of classes and workshops we had because it is rare to find a program that offers such a wide range of experiences and information.

- Sara Walston | Lutz FL

I can’t say that I have ever been to a summer intensive that has offered me so much. Such a wonderful learning experience for pre-professional dancers!

– Shannon Hope | Gainesville FL

It was the best experience I have ever had. It taught me more of what dance could offer.  It is a well-rounded program, and I recommend everyone to try out next year.

-Kris Anne Grant | West Palm Beach FL