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    • 2121 Broadway (at 74th), NY
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    • Tel. (212) 874 -2410
    • Tues., 6pm, Advanced
    • Thurs., 6pm, Advanced
      • $15NYC Master Classes

      • Cap 21 | 18 W 18th Street #6 TBA
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      • Level: Professional
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Hip Hop

Additional Classes

No events at the moment.


Date Venue City
05/12/18 Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater Arch Dance – Workshops in Toronto
Time: 12:45 pm. Address: 509 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P3, Canada. Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater hosts a masterclass workshop Pre-Pro Level with Jennifer Archibald!
07/01/18 - 07/06/18 ARCHCORE40 Arch Dance – Workshops in New York, NY
Admission: $850 Early Bird. Train with Jennifer Archibald at her ArchCore40 NYC Summer Dance Intensive. Only 40 dancers are invited to attend. NYC Audition is Jan 7. Video audition deadline is Feb 15th. Buy tickets

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No events at the moment.